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Wendy Huynh!

UX/UI Designer | Developer

San Francisco Bay Area

I believe that design is an emphasis on not only aesthetics, but usability and accessibility as well. I am passionate about creating designs that can benefit all.
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Meet Wendy

Hi there, I'm Wendy!

My philosophy is that empathy is key - as a UX/UI Designer and as a human.

Prior to pivoting to a career in UX/UI Design, I was a Human Resources Professional for 5 years. During that time, I have curated a plethora of ideas to better the employee experience — in-depth training videos and documentation for employee self-service, activities to make work more enjoyable, a listening ear if employees just need someone to listen.

During my free time, I enjoy trying new restaurants and sharing them with the world as a content creator for @eatwithwenders on Instagram and Atmosfy. I am constantly thinking about what information would users want to know and see, how to engage users, as well as how to advocate for small businesses.

Combining my passion for creation and design, along with my empathetic and detail-oriented nature, becoming a UX/UI Designer just felt like a natural step.

Project Highlights

UX Research

Improving Employee Experience

UX Research and Synthesis on how to improve the employee experience.

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UI Design

Cryptocurrency Platform: Changelly

UI Redesign: Helping Cryptocurrency Platform Convert More Users

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Front-End Development

Weather Forecast

Weather Application with 5-Day Forecast

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